"I loved being one of the judges last year! It was a fantastic opportunity to learn for myself."" P May, Marketing and Design Expert

SBL Market Guide Portal

Silver Winner of The Medium Enterprise Category

SBL has won the Silver Award in the Medium Business division after receiving several nominations from the retail sector. Their support team is highly regarded and deserving of this accolade. The SBL Market Guide Portal is their flagship product, that allows users to trade from home using the Portal with the support of SBL analysts.

SBL has been producing trading software products for over a decade and has a good reputation for being one of the leading providers in this industry. The product suite from SBL covers both the retail and commercial sectors, with many of their award nominations being from their public clients.

The SBL customer support team has this year been recognised for its outstanding customer support and has been nominated for providing a high level of service to their clients that use the SBL Market Guide Portal, as well as their other products. Each user is provided with a dedicated account analyst, “who will always be available to help when required” providing technical support and guidance in becoming operational in the markets.

Where many similar businesses offer little or no support after the initial sale, SBL really stand out. The company will stay true on their commitment to full life-time support via email and forever-free phone. We are pleased to present the Silver Award to SBL for providing outstanding customer support to its users.

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